About us

CRM “New Life” – the long-awaited journey to motherhood!

Our specialists are engaged in the selection of diagnosis and treatment of reproductive diseases for many years.

 The high efficiency of the right approach to selection is conditioned by the experience of our specialists, who not only have extensive practice, but also constantly improve their knowledge and skills. Our center today – among the best centers of IVF, egg donation and surrogate motherhood!

The first step  with a diagnosis of infertility is the question of choosing a donor or surrogate mother, in our center the most experienced specialists who are ready to help and answer all questions at any time of the day.

Far from always treating infertility requires the application of the IVF procedure or the use of donor and surrogate motherhood services. It is necessary to clarify the diagnosis – using laboratory-diagnostic equipment, which our center has. Various pathologies of the reproductive system require different approaches to treatment. In many cases, after clarifying the diagnosis, there is enough conservative treatment, with help of which further pregnancy naturally occurs.

In some cases, specialists of the reproductive center for the treatment of infertility can recommend  you to conduct artificial insemination – a procedure that is as close to the natural process of conception as produced by almost every IVF medical center in Ukraine. In this case, not only the woman, but also the man should come to the center of reproductive technologies. In the course of AI in the uterus of woman a specially prepared portion of sperm is injected. Our center has its own sperm bank, where it is possible to select suitable samples of donor sperm.

IVF is a method that has helped to become parents to many people. This method proved to be the most effective in treating various forms of infertility.

Artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization can be performed using both the sperm of the husband and donor sperm. Center “New Life” is ready and always takes upon itself the duty to select a donor.

In some cases, oocyte donation may also be required.

We perfectly understand how difficult it is to face the problem of infertility. It is hard to perceive that without a medical care the cherished dream – the birth of a child – is unlikely to materialize.

Each case of infertility is considered individually – we are sure that only after having thoroughly studied the question when contacting our center, we can successfully solve it. Choosing which center to contact, it is important to choose the one where you’ll really be helped. Our reproductive center is ready to help everyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation.

We will happily pick up for you the right donor and a “temporary home” for your baby’s bearing!

Our center specializes in the correct selection of a surrogate mother, who will suit the spirit of the potential parents and who will be responsible, аn egg donor who will be maximally similar  to a future mother, a donor of sperm who will also be maximally approximated by external data of the future father!