Do I need a visa to Ukraine?

It is first of all worth noting that since 2012, the rules for the entry of foreigners into
Ukraine regarding the issue of a visa to Ukraine have significantly changed. Immediately it
is worth noting that after the entry into force of new rules for obtaining visas to Ukraine,
the concepts of a work visa, tourist visa, guest visa and business visa have lost their

A simple question: Do you need a visa to Ukraine? – can no longer contain a simple answer:
«yes, it is necessary» or «no, no visa is needed».
Types of visas to Ukraine
Before the entry of an foreigner into Ukraine it is necessary to understand that at the
moment there are three main types of visas:
– transit visa – denoted by the letter «В»
– a short-term visa – denoted by the letter «С»
– long- term visa to Ukraine – letter «D»
What is the main difference between these types of visas, and how to determine the
specific type of visa required for e foreigner to enter Ukraine. Transit visa, as is already clear
from the name of this type of visa, is necessary for foreigners who transit through Ukraine
to third countries. It should be noted that the period of stay in Ukraine for this type of visa
can not exceed five days. The basis for issuing a transit visa can be, like a travel ticket, and
an open visa to a third country. A short-term visa to Ukraine is required for those
foreigners who plan to stay in the country for not more than 90 days, within 180 days from
the date of the first entry. It is worth noting that the date of the first entry of a foreigner
into Ukraine to a common citizen is often difficult to determine, for this purpose we
recommend contacting a legal company for assistance. Finally, a long-term visa to Ukraine
is necessary for foreigners who plan a long-term stay on the territory of the state, i.e. more
than 90 days. It is worth mentioning separately about the relevance of issuing a temporary
residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners arriving on a visa of the type D.

Registration of a visa to Ukraine

The grounds for processing a visa to Ukraine are described in detail in the legislation of
Ukraine: for example, to obtain a transit visa, it is necessary to provide a document
confirming the transit nature of the trip – such a document can be a visa to a third state, a
travel ticket and the like. In addition, one of the grounds for issuing a transit visa is a
license for international transportation.
Transit visa can be as single, double or multiple for a period of not more than a year.
For issuing a short-term visa to Ukraine, a broader list of grounds is provided, so, for the
type-C visa, one of these documents may be needed:
– Invitation for a foreigner
– Document certifying family relations with a citizen of Ukraine or with a person who holds
a residence permit in Ukraine
– Document confirming the tourist nature of the trip and other documents.

Let us pass to the last type of visa to Ukraine, namely a visa of type D, i.e. long-term visa.
The basis for issuing a visa type D is one of the following documents:
– availability of work permit for a foreigner
– residence permit
– original invitation to study
– Invitation of a religious organization
– invitation of foreign representation

As a general rule, the Ukrainian consulate abroad, or the Ukrainian embassy, ​​is
responsible for issuing a visa for foreigners to Ukraine. The cost of a visa to Ukraine for
foreigners is determined by consular fees, so the normal visa regime (up to 10 working
days) will cost $ 65, for a speedy procedure for processing documents (up to 5 working
days), you will have to pay a double tariff, however, the fact that the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Ukraine has the right to establish a different amount of payment that depends
both on the type of visa and on the country of nationality of the foreigner (the principle of
reciprocity), for example, the cost of a long-term visa for the purpose of employment in
Ukraine for citizen of Great Britain will be 878 pounds, and for the Spanish citizen only 59
euros. More precise information about how much a visa costs in Ukraine you can find on
the websites of embassies.
Visa-free entry to Ukraine
To date, the most urgent question among foreigners is : «Do I need a visa to Ukraine for
citizens of Russia, Israel, Turkey, the US and the EU?».
The answer to this question will not be unambiguous.
Firstly, it is valid for these foreigners to enter Ukraine as a general rule without visa.
However, this applies to citizens entering for a period not exceeding 90 days within 180
days from the date of the first entry. In other words, for such citizens there is no need to
issue a visa type C and B. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that only the
presence of a visa type C gives the right to extend the period of stay of an alien in Ukraine.
Secondly, for foreigners who plan to enter Ukraine for more than 90 days, the need to
issue a D-type visa is not eliminated, since only a visa of this type allows for a stay in
Ukraine for more than 90 days, and only a D-type visa is the only reason for registration of
a residence permit.