The Center for Reproductive Medicine “New Life” provides a unique service that allows our clients to choose the best egg donor, the best sperm donor – a personal acquaintance with the donor.

When choosing your donor from a photo, you always asked “Who is she/he?”, “What does she/he have on her/his soul ?!” and so on. At the same time, you catch yourself thinking “Is this the person, does the photo correspond to the person which will give genetics to your child? “

Our coordinators conduct a strict selection of oocyte/sperm donor candidates in the Center’s database.

Each candidate is selected according to the principle “the healthiest and the best”, which makes our services high-quality.

The service “personal acquaintance with the donor” includes the following unique conditions:

1. Preliminary selection of an oocyte donor or sperm donor from a photograph and description;

2. Communication with a potential donor of the oocytes or sperm via Skype (up to 5 candidates are provided);

3. After selecting up to 2 candidates, future parents meet with selected egg/sperm donors in our center;

4. The service “Personal acquaintance with an egg donor” is paid additionally.