The Center of Reproductive Medicine «New Life» will provide you with a full cycle of
services: from the first consultation to the birth of a child. You can choose a surrogate
mother from the database of the Surrogate Maternity Center, where young and healthy
surrogate mothers are presented to you, who are happy to make pregnancy and give birth
to a future child for you.

The peculiarity of our Center is the unique combination of the Human Reproduction Clinic
with high medical technologies, the team of professionals in the field of reproductive
medicine and the Reproductive Center for Surrogate Motherhood and donation with highly
qualified lawyers in the field of international law, responsive and disciplined coordinators,
translators, drivers and administrators to work with foreign clients. But the main thing that
we can be proud of is the long-term experience in implementing surrogate motherhood
programs for thousands of our clients from 52 countries.

We can choose a surrogate mother for you with full confidentiality or you can do it
personally at a reception in our Center, or remotely, we will also give you the opportunity
to get to know the surrogate mother personally, or in Skype mode. The most important
thing for a surrogate mother is her health so that she can endure pregnancy and give birth
to a long-awaited child for you. Our Center guarantees you that we will carefully check your
chosen candidate for a surrogate mother and provide you with a full report on the state of
her health.

According to the statistics of our center, 4 out of 10 candidates fall into our database of
surrogate mothers. Before offering you the candidacy of a surrogate mother, a woman
undergoes a comprehensive medical examination, a psychologist’s consultation, laboratory
testing for alcohol / nicotine / drug control. For the early start of the program, all of our
surrogate mothers have already been carefully examined, which allows us to avoid waiting
queue and start the program immediately when you contact us.

The process of preparation for the IVF program with transfer of the embryo to the uterine
cavity of the surrogate mother takes an average of 2 weeks to 1.5 months.
After the beginning of pregnancy 3 weeks after the transfer of the embryos, pleasant
bothers begin in the care, coordination and control of the pregnancy of your surrogate

Our coordinators will provide you with a maximum of information throughout the
program from the time you first contacted to the birth of your child.

After the birth of your baby, you will enjoy communication with him, and our lawyers will
prepare for you all the necessary documents for further addressing in the Embassy or
travel with the child to your country of residence.

Our common goal is the birth of your healthy baby!

We are waiting for you in our reproductive center «New Life»!