Mom+Donor «Same-sex»

Surrogate motherhood for a single man or woman has legalized itself, and many lonely
people resort to such a service. Perhaps the legalization of surrogate motherhood was
facilitated by the appeal to this procedure of many celebrities.

Surrogate motherhood for a lonely man, who for a number of reasons is not married,
allows him to become the father of a baby, of which he dreams for a long time. In this
situation, it is also possible to resort to the adoption of the child, but in the current
legislation there are a number of reservations regarding the possibility of carrying out this
Guardianship agencies are extremely wary of single male adopters. Despite the fact that the
package of documents necessary for the adoption of a baby for single men is identical to
that for married couples, the guardianship authorities in most cases postpone the decision-
making for an indefinite period and find new requirements for a potential male adopter.
Often such an attitude is associated with stereotypes that have developed over the years.
Ward in most cases is inclined to the conclusion that a single man is unable to fulfill his
parental obligations on a par with a woman. In their opinion, a single man is not able to
create comfort in the house, make sure that the child’s nutrition is balanced, etc. The
guardianship agencies find a lot of reasons to deprive a lone man of the opportunity to
adopt a child. At the same time, the fact that a potential father is able to support a child,
provide him with a good education, enable him to realize himself, and, of course, give the
child love, is pushed back to the second plan.
Taking into account all the difficulties described above, when trying to adopt a child, the
surrogate motherhood service for a single man is increasingly popular nowadays abroad.
In the course of it, the male sperm and the donor egg are taken. In this case, the egg of the
surrogate mother is not used. The child to be born is completely alien to her.
Fertilization in this case is carried out using IVF in an embryological laboratory.

Laws on surrogate motherhood

The law protects the right of every woman to become a mother. But it also says that
discrimination against citizens on the basis of gender is inadmissible, that is, the rights of
women and men are equal. From this it follows that, like a woman, every man retains the
right to realize himself as a parent. Due to the development of assisted reproductive
technologies, a surrogate motherhood for a single man is quite possible today.
Today, single parents are not an exception to the rules. Many mothers raise their children
alone, without the participation of a second parent. Also, single fathers are not rare. As a
rule, a man independently grows a child in cases of the unwillingness of a woman to take
part in his upbringing, or because of any tragic circumstances.
There are no fundamental differences in the organization of the surrogate motherhood
process abroad for single men and women.
It is mandatory to conclude a contract with a surrogate mother. The document specifies
interests and prescribes the rights and obligations of both parties, the specifics of medical
care and financial aspects.
Surrogate motherhood for a single man in a number of countries is as legitimate as for a
woman. In the case of surrogate motherhood, a man can be sure that child will not be taken
away from him, since when a baby is conceived, a donor egg is used, and a surrogate
mother can not claim a parental right a priori.