If you want to conduct an IVF program with the participation of a surrogate mother for various reasons, in a particular clinic, our New Life Center for Reproductive Medicine offers you a new service, “Travel of surrogate mother for IVF, or transfer of embryos to any clinic in the world.”

To implement this program, you need to select a suitable candidate for a surrogate mother from our base.

After our Center prepares the surrogate mother you choose, she will be able to go to the desired clinic for an IVF program or transfer embryos to her uterus, while you do not have to come to Ukraine, spend your time on flights and break away from your usual life and work.

In turn, for the effectiveness of your surrogate motherhood program, the New Life Center for Reproductive Medicine will prepare the surrogate mother’s endometrium for transferring embryos according to the best modern protocols:

  • Results of a full medical examination of the surrogate mother with the provision of results to genetic parents and a reproduction clinic that will conduct IVF;
  • Preparation of the endometrium of the surrogate mother’s uterus for embryo transfer can be performed according to the protocol of your doctor.

After carrying out the procedure for transferring the embryos to the uterus cavity of the surrogate mother, she returns to Ukraine and CRM “New Life” continues to observe the surrogate mother before the pregnancy and then until delivery.

Lawyers of our Center will issue the entire documentary base for the program, which will allow you to work with us in accordance with the law.

Program Priority

  1. Acquaintance with the candidature of a surrogate mother via Skype
  2. Execution of documents for traveling abroad
  3. Information support