Surrogacy for single

Surrogate motherhood for single women:

After a number of judicial precedents in Ukraine, the right of women to participate in the
surrogate motherhood program is recognized regardless of marital status. Women can use
surrogate motherhood and oocyte donation:

-sisting in marriage, registered in the registry office;
-living with a partner in a de facto marriage;

The decisive factor in this case is not the stamp in the passport or the actual presence of a
permanent life partner, but medical indications for which a woman can not bear a child:

– no uterus or this organ is irreversibly damaged;
– the cervix or cavity of the genital organ is deformed;
– Dangerous diseases of the body and internal organs, including oncology;

If a woman can not provide her own biomaterial, a surrogate motherhood program and egg
donation will be offered to help, which is fertilized with donor sperm – anonymous or not.

Application of donor spermatozoa: indications, conditions of use

IVF in surrogate motherhood with donor sperm is relevant in two situations:

for a single woman who participates in a surrogate motherhood program with a donor egg
or her own;

for couples where the cause of childlessness lies in the state of a man’s health.

In the second case, there can be several problems:

– congenital diseases of the genital organs;
– obstruction of the vas deferens;
– inflammatory diseases of an infectious nature, transferred earlier;
– hereditary ailments that a baby can inherit.

By the sperm of the donor in surrogate motherhood the donor egg or the egg of the future
mother is fertilized. The seed can be taken from a healthy male donor by agreement orfrom a sperm bank of a large clinic. Here the material is stored in a cryopreserved state: the donor’s seminal fluid is frozen with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of minus 196 degrees.

Six months later, it is further investigated for the survival of spermatozoa. The indicator of
good quality of sperm is 50 percent viability after thawing.

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