The technology of freezing eggs by the method of vitrification (ultrafast freezing) allows a minimum of 3 eggs to be frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen for an infinite time.

To obtain eggs, the Center of Reproductive Medicine “New Life” stimulates the ovulation of a genetic mother or an egg donor, after which the eggs are frozen by the vitrification method.

180 children were born from cryopreserved eggs in the Center of Reproductive Medicine “New Life”. It’s not just a freezing technology, it’s a technology that gives a new life!

What opportunities do cryoconserved eggs give you:

1. The use of cryopreserved eggs is cheaper than the use of an individual egg donor.

2. If you are a genetic mother and want to stimulate ovulation in the IVF clinic at the place of your permanent residence, you can do this, and we will help you transport your ready cryopreserved eggs to our clinic to further receive the embryos and transfer them to the uterus cavity of the surrogate mother.

3. You can start your program immediately without waiting for the preparation and stimulation of the egg donor. Your task is only to pass the sperm, which will immediately be fertilized eggs. To sperm you have the opportunity in our clinic or we can transport it to our clinic.

You save precious time by synchronizing cycles with a surrogate mother;

Medical examination, alcohol / tobacco / drug control of the donor, all this has already been done in advance. You get a completely finished product.

In our database you can select a donor via Internet and buy or reserve eggs from this girl.

Confirmation of the authenticity of eggs – lifelong storage of DNA from the lymphatic blood of a girl. Lifetime storage of cryopreserved eggs in the clinic.

Frozen eggs can track the history of the effectiveness of IVF programs with the participation of a specific egg donor.

A detailed report with details of previous programs with the participation of this donor of the egg can be requested after working with us.

Research on the genetics of the donor

In the database of our Center there are nominees for oocyte donors who have a full genetic study for all clinically significant hereditary diseases with which you can get acquainted.

Providing donor DNA to your country.

Karyotype, monogenic diseases (cystic fibrosis, Martin-Bella syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, etc.), CarrierMap (250 genetic diseases, all clinically significant mutations).