The Center of Reproductive Medicine “New Life” offers a full range of legal services in the field of reproductive medicine in Ukraine.

Lawyers of the Center for Reproductive Medicine “New Life” (offices in Vinnytsia and Kiev), who are recognized experts in the field of legal support for surrogate motherhood and donor programs, offer the full range of legal services necessary for carrying out ART programs, incl. surrogate motherhood and gamete donation. Therefore, we will be able to assist you in resolving all legal issues related to the program, from drawing up contracts for all parties to assisting in the registration of the child and representation in the court.

Most often we provide such legal services as:

-development and conclusion of contracts with program participants;

-the choice of the optimal method of legalization;

-development and signing of information-legal documents;

– receipt of necessary medical, registration and other documents;

– translation, notarization, legalization of documents;

– legal support during meetings and communication with program participants;

-help in resolving problem situations in consulates, emigration service, law enforcement agencies;

– pre-trial settlement of conflict situations;

-representation of interests in court;

-documentation for the departure of the child to the country of residence.